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Summer Ends - Part 3 (Agilmente in Aberdeen)

Hello, Friends!

A week ago, I received an invite to come up on the boat of a local shipping tycoon. Stanley is well known in the local performing arts scene as a producer. He is passionate about theatre, and so he makes it his personal mission to expose Hong Kong audiences to world-class musical acts by bringing them over.

My best friend, Trish, has had a paternal relationship with Stanley since her Miss Saigon days. Many of my colleagues in Disney enjoy Stanley's friendship, as well. I was excited to have a chance to finally meet him. I guess I was expecting Stanley to be some sort of eccentric impresario. To my relief, he is down-to-earth, funny, and easygoing.

It was a cloudy Sunday morning when we set off from the Aberdeen Marina Boat Club. Stanley's vessel, almost completely outfitted in wood, was a picture of refinement amidst the positively beastly Sunseeker yachts that were berthed in the marina.

Debauchery at Daybreak
Myself and my tres popular best friend, Trish, admit to alcohol abuse

Our party was a mix of Stanley's former and current colleagues in the shipping industry. I didn't actually understand what the business was about until John, a swarthy Italian from Jersey, encapsulated it in a succinct soundbite: "We are like a travel agency for cargo."


To say that it was a booze cruise would be an understatement. The corks started popping at 11AM and never let up. "Waste not, want not," Jemen, a jetsetting marketing maven, intoned as we docked on Lamma Island-- she carried her own provision of sauvignon blanc the entire time we were strolling along the colourful seaside community.

The Lady & The Lobster
Melody Meets a Monster

The acquaria on the seafood market were veritable jewelry boxes as they glittered with the riches of the sea. Everybody had a good laugh at Melody's expense when she was dared by Stanley himself to handle the largest lobster of the lot.

Clockwise from Top-Left: Steamed lobsters, fried spring rolls garnished with fresh strawberries (!!!), the mantis shrimp, and curry crab.

We had an astounding 12-course lunch, the highlight of which was the mantis shrimp-- an exotic crustacean that was a cross between a lobster and a praying mantis. The mantis shrimp is a fearsome creature that could grow to about the length of my forearm, or even longer when its long, raptorial claws-- also known as "thumb splitters"-- are fully extended. The meat was tender and sweet.

Midway through the banquet, Jemen inquired brightly, "Stanley, where's Johnny?"

"Johnny who?" Stanley shot back while he was cracking crab claws for Trish.

"Johnny Walker, of course!" Jemen answered, barely able to contain her excitement.

Johnny, Jemen and a Jacked Finger
The poor girl broke skin struggling with tough seafood shells. She deserves scotch.


We could not believe our eyes as course after course was rolled out. It seemed like a never-ending march, and I joked that I would have to hollow out my legs if I were to stuff more food down my throat.

"This is the last one," Stanley promised as the strong aroma of sweet-and-sour pork filled our nostrils. We had to cart back to the boat the last two courses-- fresh fruit platters AND Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Stanley's Seafood Soldiers
Seated, L-R: Al,Jemen, Adrian, Larry, *, Maurizio, Patricia, Sarah
Standing, L-R: Melody, Marah, Stanley, Trish, James, John, Dante, Marianne

* Regrettably, this gentleman's name must have been zapped from my memory. I lost a few hundred brain cells when he revealed the name of his female donkey: JUICE BOX.


We were all sufficiently sloshed back on the boat. Observe:

1. Hamsup the Homo!

I became pretty much the girls' substitute boyfriend. They had their way with me, declaring undying love and affection. I, in turn, promised them that I would be their Quality Control Officer whilst they were in their inebriated state.

2. Navigating to Nowhere

Stanley let Melody have free rein over the boat. We were turning in circles for five minutes, which just sent everyone into fits of laughter. Nobody cared.


We got back to Aberdeen at 430PM. I thought we were done for the day, but we pretty much took over the entire terrace of the Club House. Adrian and Stanley inundated us with more bottles of wine and-- horrors-- kamikaze shots. No oral fixation (tee-hee) was left unsatisfied when, finally, oven-fresh pizza and pita & dips were served.

Partying in Perpetuity

The view from the terrace is tremendous. Skyscrapers, verdant mountains, gleaming yachts on the azure marina... Such a memorable experience for me... Everything was in abundance here-- food, alcohol, cigars, laughs, good times. What a great way to insulate ourselves physically and emotionally as warm weather gives way to cooler clime.

With Affection,


Photo by Marah Arcilla


your pics always look fun. I have an lj friend who's always posting pics of parties and they never look as fun as yours!
thanks :) i'm sure your friend has just as much fun. maybe the difference is only in the choice of images.
omg keep your shirt on! you're turning me on!
'lika nga dito...
shh.. kinikilig ako.
haha potek...